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Monday, January 21, 2013

Sonia Gandhi is a great follower of Indira Gandhi

“We have been maintaining a good relationship with Southern Gujarat. I will never forget the support and affection extended to Indira Gandhi when she was passing through a bad phase in her political career in 1977. Our critics are trying to weaken our relationship but have failed. I salute your commitment and honesty and assure you that we will maintain this healthy relationship with you forever”.  These are the words of Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi while addressing a mammoth Congress rally in Surat region recently during her campaign for Congress in Gujarat. This shows how much she remembers late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her love towards Indira Ji is well known.
Sonia Gandhi also recalled the contribution of her husband and late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. “Who can forget the efforts of sonia gandhi late Sh. Rajiv Gandhi to develop the Dahej region which is now considered to be one of the biggest industrial areas? said Sonia Gandhi.
The Congress President slammed the Modi-led BJP government in the state and said that the people are fed up with the present state government. “I know that  people are fed up with this government and Gujarat now needs new direction and that can be provided only by the Congress” said the Congress President and assured “we will work with sincerity, honesty, determination and commitment to fulfill the promises made in the Congress manifesto and will bring in radical development in Gujarat”
Listing the pathetic state of affairs of the Adivasis in the region, the Congress President continued “The people of Southern Gujarat are polite, honest and hardworking.  But still, why there is so much poverty in this adivasi dominated area? Why there are no improvements in the life and financial condition of adivasis in the state?  The BJP government in the state has been talking loud about the 15000 cr worth Van Bandhu Kalyan Yojana.  But where has the money gone? Where are the facilities promised by the BJP government to the Adivasis in the state?”
Sonia Gandhi further said “Lots of youth are jobless in the state. The health and education facilities are insufficient here.  My sisters in this state have been facing atrocities because of the worsening law and order situation in the state. Why all these happening here? If the government had given attention to your problems, you would not have faced so many problems”.  The Congress leader appealed to  the people to support Congress for brining in radical changes in the state. 

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