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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sonia Gandhi in Mangalore: A victory for the Congress is a victory for every one

Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi while addressing a Congress rally in Mangalore in Karnataka, called for unity in the state Congress. She also launched a scathing attack on BJP and said that it never took any serious action to fight corruption. “Above all, a victory for the Congress is a victory for every one of you and if the party loses we all lose. So whenever we have been united, as I mentioned earlier, like in the time Indira Gandhi, at that time and throughout, we have swept the polls. So it is that very spirit of unity, of solidarity, that we should recapture and sustain” said Sonia Gandhi. “I want now to touch upon some national issues that are challenging and affecting the people of our country. The crisis in the global economy has worsened. And this is affecting us also significantly. Even though our growth rate is still respectable, our export growth has fallen and we are forced to pay much more the import of central commodities like oil, fertilizers and other vital materials. We face difficult and painful crisis on the one hand we have to ensure that the government finances remain healthy on the other hand and expenditure on our poverty alleviation programmes, rural development, education, health have to be not only protected but they have to be sustained” said Sonia Gandhi further.

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