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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sonia Gandhi: UPA policies helped to empower the backwards

Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi while speaking at the dinner organized to mark the completion of three years of UPA-II said that though these are difficult times, no need to be disappointed or depressed.

Sonia Gandhi said that the assured government purchases will encourage the business of tribal and backward people in the country. On the new schemes launched in the field of education, the Congress President said, "These have given a new opportunity for empowering the backwards in real terms."

Expressing hope for a better future for farmers and labourers, Sonia Gandhi said, "The funds given to the farmers have become stronger and programmes like Aadhar will help in ensuring more benefits to the poor people."

"We are also committed to protect our secular values, she said adding that it is vowed to remove the problems of women and weaker sections of society. 

She said since UPA took charge of the government, India has been advancing on the growth map in a sustained manner because of which it has been able to provide money for projects of social and rural development. "Because of this the Centre has been able to give that kind of financial assistance to the state government which was never seen earlier," Sonia Gandhi said. She also stressed that the government has to sustain the momentum of this development.

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