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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi in Farrukhabad (U.P) Part 6

Addressing a Congress workers’ rally at Farrukhabad Uttar Pradesh on the fourth day of his second phase of the campaign for Congress, All India Congress Committee (AICC) General Secretary Rahul Gandhi said that the state can surge ahead only if the leaders think with long term vision. Rahul Gandhi promised that a Congress government will bring back the lost glory of Uttar Pradesh. While questioning Mayawati Rahul Gandhi said “Your Chief Minister of UP says that MGNREGA is of no use. While all other states are acknowledging that MGNREGA is the most useful policy UP Chief Minister says that the scheme is of no use. The reality is that the funds sent by the Centre under various schemes are being eaten up by Mayawati’s elephant in Lucknow. Normally elephants eat leaves and grass but the magic elephant of Mayawati in Lucknow eats currency".

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