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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sonia Gandhi addresses YC convention
Congress President Sonia Gandhi addressed the Youth Congress convention at Rohini in New Delhi on 29th Nov 2011. Addressing the elected members she said, “ I am happy to be in this historical Youth Congress convention. I expect that you all must have b been benefited with the discussions of the last two days. You must have got a lot of new information and you will try to implement them in your respective areas. I congratulate the Youth Congress for successfully conducting their elections. Would also like to congratulate the Youth Congress Election officers for conducting the election in a fair manner.
You have proved wrong all the apprehensions and have shown that the energy of our youth will definitely take forward the Congress Party.
Our party is the oldest party of this country. In pre independence era the Congress party encouraged the new generation in every part of the country to come forward and provided opportunity to them.
Rajivji believed that our youth will take the country in the forefront of the first row of nations. His decision to provide voting rights at the age of 18 years gave lakhs of youngsters to participate in the democratic process.
Today, Indian youth have registered their presence in the country and abroad in every field. Talented youth should be brought in politics and that's the need of the hour. Your election, your training and your involvement will help in nation building. The process of training which has started is commendable. The very first time you have brought in accountability of the assignment as one's identity. This will help to strengthen the party from the grass root till the top. You all are the foundation of the party and country's hope.
The process of change which has started has given you the elected representatives a very big responsibility. You have to ascertain that the faith which has been shown in you shouldn't go waste. You are responsible towards them who have elected you. And that's why you have to be regularly in touch with them. You have to involve them in your programmes. You have to assign them work and use your imagination in a way that today's voter becomes a sincere worker in the future.

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